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Nest of Dragons

I love to listen to podcasts – I love being able to plug into a source of information or entertainment pretty much on demand.  The possibilities are endless – and available in 10- to 60-minute increments.

One of my favorite podcasts is called Freakonomics (where the hosts explore “the hidden side of everything”) – it’s fun, it’s unexpected, and I usually come away having learned something I did not know; although it may often be something useless, is any new knowledge really useless?  (In fact, there’s a game-show-type spin-off to the Freakonomics podcast actually called Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – another favorite of mine.)

The other day, I was playing catchup, listening to my podcasts, when I came to an episode about “dragon children.”   It seems that, in the Chinese zodiac, it’s quite auspicious to be born (or to have a baby born) in the Year of the Dragon – so much so that, in some circles, babies are planned to be born as Dragons, and often, Asian communities experience a small baby boom every twelve years.

Of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is the only mythical creature.  (I’m a Horse, for what that’s worth.)  The Dragon is the most revered, considered the mightiest of signs, and emperors were thought to be descended from actual dragons.  Apparently, being a Dragon is a big deal.

I can see why, if you’re into that sort of thing, you’d want to give birth during the Year of the Dragon – the Dragon is believed to symbolize ambition, authority, and dignity.  They’re passionate and driven leaders, and they’re healthy, ingenious and independent, while remaining kind-hearted and sensitive.  It’s what every mother dreams of for her child.

I came to realize that my son is, in fact, a Dragon, having been born right smack in the middle of a Year of the Dragon. 

Let me tell you – life with a Dragon is no bed of roses.  They can be all the great stuff, sure.  But they can also be intolerant, impatient, and unrealistic.  They get stressed and don’t handle setbacks well.  I’ve seen most of these traits – positive and negative – in my son at various times.

In short, life with a Dragon can be exhausting.

A little further research turned up the fact that my father is also a Dragon.

And then I realized that my husband is yet another Dragon – I can’t seem to get away from them!

Do you know what’s really funny, though?

I look at all three of my Dragons, and I realize that they are completely different people.  They each have some of the Dragon traits, but they’re nothing alike.

Except for the one thing they do have in common – possibly the one thing that makes these particular Dragons so lucky.


Those lucky guys!

(Dragon Information)

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